Happy Small Business Week

By | May 6, 2016

save on insuranceIt’s nice there is a whole week (and a day!) that recognizes small business. Small business is the backbone of many communities. There are far more areas where small businesses can exist and even thrive, and where corporations would never consider locating.

The economy has really changed over the last few years and the way we do business has as well. More often than not employers are not hiring with the expectation of keeping the same employees through retirement and employees understand this. And, while there are more than enough large corporations, small businesses are thriving in many areas.

It isn’t easy, however! As a small business owner, you know your pockets are not as deep as your corporate counterparts. You watch your pennies and dimes to ensure you stay in business long enough to get something back for all your long, hard hours of work.

Many costs are not in control of the small business owner – taxes, fees, the cost of goods, etc. However, some things are – the cost of health insurance for example. No, it’s never going to be free, but if you are careful about your choices and compare companies and plans you can at least control the cost.

There are plenty of websites let you compare availability, rates, carriers, and even get a free quote. You can do a quick search and come up with several pretty easily. I could even send you a list if you like. Your kids could probably get you a list of sites for you.

But, why go cross-eyed comparing plans yourself; let us do the work for you. The Denesha Insurance Agency also has a Resources Page you can visit for quick answers to important questions. If you still need help, we are here for you. Just call text or email – whatever works for you works for us.

Here are a few additional resources that you might find helpful, especially if you are a small business owner:

Terry saves employers and employees money by identifying best valued benefits, allowing employers to focus on managing business and giving employees a piece of mind. Helps businesses and individuals determine the right kinds of insurance they need, at a price that’s right for them.

Provide compliance oversight for government legislation, including ERISA, COBRA, and PPACA. Access human resource assets to optimize business continuity, reviewing EOB’s to ensure correct billing and keeping up with technology-electronic enrollment.

HIP Insurance Advisor

Compliance – Health Reform – Employee Benefits

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