cropped business cardI help businesses and families determine the right combination of insurance they need, at a price that’s right for them.

Most owners and managers want to provide the best valued employee benefits available. They want advisor who understand new technology and how it would impact them. They want confidence about Legislative Compliance, so their energy is focused on running the business.

I understand and am here to help.

I am a father and grandfather. I owned and operated an oil service business for over 20 years before joining the insurance industry in 2007. I have seen expansion and contraction of business and understand the challenges.

What is most important to you?  Your business?

What are the concerns that you are dealing with currently, and in near future?

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How can I help you today?

I am truly interested in what is important to you and often meet or talk to families or human resource officers about potential changes or questions about coverage or policy.

When it comes to running a business, or running a family for that matter, having the facts can make all the difference in the world. Whether you are expanding your family or business, trying to optimize your benefits program, or trying to balance cost with value – I am here to answer your questions and provide advice on issues you may not have considered.I am here for you 2

In the meantime, scroll down for valuable information and resources that may help you learn a bit more about the value and necessity of insurance and benefits program.

Business Owners

Strong health and wellness programs encourage your employees live a healthy lifestyle. This maximizes their productivity, while minimizing work absences. You can show your employees that you want them to stay well and help them manage their health care costs. Our health and wellness resources can help them find doctors and sign up for wellness programs and discounts.

Employee Benefits

Employee benefits
Employee benefits are a crucial, but often complicated part of an employment package, and are not always as easy to understand as salary and vacation time. However, insurance benefits are much more than just a job perk. They are key safeguards that can enhance your employees’ quality of life and productivity for decades to come.


Employee Management Relations

Do you know what a Union Authorization Card is or looks like? Employees signing this card can cause your business to become unionized under this law not if but when President Obama signs it. Ask me for more information about this..

Healthcare Reform

health-care-reform-approved-signed-obamaCovered California, the state health insurance exchange, will be the primary individual health insurance marketplace in California starting October 1st. Consumers will have new online tools to compare affordable coverages. Low-income individuals and families will be able to qualify for free health insurance through Medi-Cal and moderate-income families will qualify for premium assistance to help make private health coverage affordable.


ERISA… It’s the Law


ERISA is a federal law that regulates Group-sponsored benefits (also called “welfare benefit plans”). Besides requiring the provision of specific Plan features and funding information, the law in some cases mandates employers to submit detailed information to the government. Employers face strict deadlines for disclosing Plan information to all eligible employees and all sponsors who administer ERISA plans must follow a strict fiduciary code of conduct.

You may be at risk and not even know it! Failure to comply with ERISA’s requirements can mean costly government penalties, even employee lawsuits. Let our ERISA associates take care of all the necessary documents, forms, and record keeping for you.

1.  Pre-Enrollment Period

Plan ahead:

  • Be ready to answer employee questions regarding the health care reform legislation. Understand how the legislation will affect your benefits offerings and be prepared to share this knowledge with employees.
  • Make a list of anything new and exciting that will enhance your open enrollment processes. Plan to communicate these enhancements to employees.
  • Consider online enrollment programs and software if you haven’t already. Allow time to implement them onto your company website before your open enrollment period.
  • Maintain records of employee questions, comments and concerns, preferred communication methods, trends in employees’ selections and other information that will help you better serve employees during open enrollment.
  • Make necessary changes to your benefits offerings before the open enrollment period to avoid rushing at the last minute.
  • Survey employees on what they are seeking in terms of benefits offerings and any improvements they would like to see. Customize your offerings to your employee population after analyzing survey results.
  • Consider offering new benefits, even if they are 100 percent voluntary.

Spread the knowledge:

  • Hold meetings with employees to review coverage options and changes. Also offer information regarding benefits in various formats to your employees – one-on-one meetings, benefit fairs, mailers or Intranet tools.
  • If pamphlets or brochures are provided by your carrier or third-party administrator, deliver them to employees.
  • Communicate helpful phone numbers and websites to employees looking for additional resources.

Know your audience:

  • Be prepared to answer questions that employees asked most frequently last year.
  • Open enrollment can be an extremely positive and rewarding experience for you and your employees. This checklist will help you prepare for a successful open enrollment period this year.
  • Create a frequently-asked-questions sheet with answers to distribute, post or email to employees.
  • Provide answers to basic questions, such as how much premiums will increase, new coverage options, etc.

2. Enrollment Period

Open enrollment can be an extremely positive and rewarding experience for you and your employees. Consider the following suggestions for a successful open enrollment period this year.istock_000021098016large

Make sure employees have received all enrollment materials, including:

  • Open enrollment schedule
  • Statement of current coverage
  • Plan-specific changes and rates
  • Annual Open Enrollment Checklist

I am here for you 2

Terry Denesha, HIP Insurance Advisor                                                          

Terry saves employers and employees money by identifying best-valued benefits, allowing employers to focus on managing business and giving employees a piece of mind. He helps businesses and individuals determine the right kinds of insurance they need, at a price that’s right for them. Terry provides compliance oversight for government legislation, including ERISA, COBRA, and PPACA. He can access human resource assets to optimize business continuity, reviewing EOB’s to ensure correct billing and keeping up with technology-electronic enrollment.

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